"The Brain That Wouldn't Die" and more newly uploaded B-movies at archive.org


Oh great – one of the world’s best timesinks just got better.

That’s going to cut into Sinister Cinema’s business…


FYI The Brain That Wouldn’t Die has a misleading title. Spoiler Alert: it dies in the end.

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That’s not a spoiler, actually. “Wouldn’t” and “Didn’t” are different…

Jan in the Pan! I love that movie! I own a dvd copy of it!

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i think it’s one of the first mike nelson episodes on mst3k, if memory serves

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The Brain that Wouldn’t Die, awesome. Right up there with The Fly.

It’s not the same without Joel and the Bots.

Not one of the first, but the first.

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As has been mentioned above, this is Mike’s first episode.

My favorite bit: right after the car accident, the doctor collects the severed head and runs/skulks back to his lab.

“He’s at the forty! he’s at the thirty, the twenty! He could go all the way!”


The Brain That Wouldn’t Die freaked the hell out of me when I watched it on TV as a kid in the late '60s, especially that part with the guy’s arm.

Oh please tell me RiffTrax are on the way for any of these the MST3K crew hasn’t already done.

I did a little remix/sampling thing with “The Brain that Wouldn’t Die” a little while ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVat0Y6JAPo

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