The brilliance of Miles Davis's “live score” for the 1958 film Elevator To The Gallows

Originally published at: The brilliance of Miles Davis's "live score" for the 1958 film Elevator To The Gallows | Boing Boing

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Also known as Fahrstuhl zum Schafott if that helps.

You just reminded me of this masterpiece


I’ve always called it Lift to the Scaffold but I do get funny looks from others and have to “correct” myself.

Nobody outside America is confused what to call it is what they mean.

It’s an hommage to American film noir, just as a bout de souffle is an hommage to gangster movies. Which is why they have jazz soundtracks, something American films had been doing for a while. Just with white composers.


lifft i’r crocbren?

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That’s easy for you to say!

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That’s one of my favorite Miles Davis albums. The music has a really interesting flow. One of these days I should see the movie!


Good movie, had no idea about the soundtrack. Good excuse to watch again.

Another great Miles Davis soundtrack album: A Tribute to Jack Johnson

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