The Canadian Navy is cool with having an admitted Neo-Nazi in its ranks

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“We cannot counter hate with more hate”


Atomwaffen and Blood and Honour aren’t just bully cosplayers, like the “word of the week of Odin”.

Blood and Honour is a designated terrorist entity in Canada, and I can’t imagine Atomwaffen isn’t.


With the emphasis on rehabilitation, I think the statement would be more like “The Canadian Navy is cool with having an admitted former Neo-Nazi in its ranks”.
I don’t know the details of this case and if he wanted out, but it sounded like they’re trying to give people like him an easier way out of that hate community.
Did it say anywhere, whether he was charged with anything?

I continue to be surprised at the number of Slavic Nazi-wannabies.


There seems to be no evidence of him trying to “reform” here.


Yeah, looks that way.

from :

“He has never publicly divulged the full extent of his neo-Nazi involvement. He has never issued a full public apology for his actions and we have not seen him make amends for the harm he has done,” Rabbi Meyer H. May, executive director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, wrote in a statement on their website.

“We need to see him swear to make amends, and make those amends,” Evan Balgord, executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, wrote on Twitter. “The Canadian Armed Forces has to allow him and encourage him to make that public apology in order to earn some measure of trust from the wider public in their decision to welcome him back.”


I’m just taking a wild guess here, but maybe the Powers That Be agree with this criminal.


“I tore had all of the ligaments in my right ankle sheared off of my bones. It took seven months of rehab before I was walking again, and my foot’s never been the same since.”

I presume that this is an errant pair of sentences that limped in to the post when no one was looking?

In other news: Fucking Nazis!

@Ratel I assume that there are going to be people who think that, if the Nazi hard enough, then the Nazis will overlook their inclusion in the target group.


Yeah, that ‘strategy’ didn’t work out so well for the kapos.


They’re not investigating his alleged illegal arms trading?

So what happens if he’s put on another country’s terrorism list and his ship pulls into port there for some shore leave? It doesn’t sound like the kind of risk you want to keep onboard. They arrest him - you protest with your armed forces in their country. Sounds like a recipe for an international incident.


Read up on the Chetniks. While not explicitly Nazi, they have a long history of self-supremacy and the desire to crush the Jews, croats and Albanians. And they collaborated with the Nazis in WW2 (although they collaborated with just about everyone at various points). So pretty much Nazis.

More recently Serbia decided that the Chetniks were anti-fascist all along in a parliamentary vote.

I wonder if Boris Mihajlovic follows Chetnik ideology?


Considering he was looking to sell military-grade ammo to another racist douchebag i’m inclined to disbelieve this is someone trying to reform themselves.


Both can be true, wanting to illegally sell arms to Nazis and wanting to reform themselves, given enough time in between. I totally agree in this case though.

It’s one thing to accept people into your organization who have worked to put their hateful pasts behind them and strived to become better people. It’s another to tolerate people who continue to engage in this kind of behavior after joining your organization.


For anyone interested, this explores some of the history of the Chetniks and how their participation in war crimes were covered up:

[ETA] Also, I’m not sure how many people are aware of this, but Serb nationalists (aligned with the Chetniks) carried out a string of bombings across the US and Canada in the 70s at yugoslav embassies. Nina Bunjavic wrote about her father’s role in the bombings (and his likely assasination) in her graphic novel Fatherland:

Highly recommend.


He may have, but he was AN ADMINISTRATOR on the Iron March forum and belonged to a group (Combat 18) designated as a TERRORIST group in Canada.

Maybe he has turned a corner - I believe that people can leave that life behind. But allowing him back in the Navy? That ship should have sailed. It is such a risk to security and intelligence, just no.

Also, when he was first outed, Mihaljovic said he was going to leave the service.


When the story about Mihajlovic first broke he claimed that he had reached out to Life after Hate, but that is about it, and no other news since then. Now he’s suddenly getting reinstated?

It’s an easy thing to say, of course.

Maybe he still shouldn’t be part of the Canadian navy? Joining a violent white supremacy movement is no small thing, given the impact it’s having on our society right now.


They can learn a thing or two from the German army about being properly infiltrated by neo nazis. They just had to disband an entire company of the Special Forces Command (i.e. a fourth of the entire special forces) because it was so riddled with neo Nazis there was no saving it. And then there was the army officer who pretended to be a refugee so he could commit terrorism in their name and start a race war. There are all the far right prepper networks that get their weapons and ammo from comrades in the army… And don’t get me started on the police or the intelligence services. One right wing terrorist, Canada? Pathetic