The Canadian who dared to put Hawaiian pineapple on pizza dies at 83


I had no idea Hawaiian pizza was a Canadian creation!

There’ll be pineapple and ham on my pizza today. :smiley:


I knew it wasnt atually Hawaiian but I also didnt know it was Canadian.


The important part is that it’s also delicious :smiley:

I need to stop reading food news before eating.


But was the Canadian pizza invented by a Hawaiian?

(A real Hawaiian pizza would have Spam on it.)


First Batman and now this? I hate today!

We will mark the passing of this pioneer of deliciousness in the traditional way, with a pizza


I LOVE Hawaiian pizza! Had one in Honolulu once and with the fresh pineapple from the hills above it was divine. Yum.

Jimmy Kimmel, a pineapple on pizza hater, can suck it! :sunglasses:


Indeed, one of the side effects of my amazing Hawaii trip in 2015 was the experience of proper sun-ripened pineapple - SO amazing.

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