The causes of selfie-related fatalities


I really expected “car crash” to be much higher up on the list.


I’d love to know the details of the grenade-related ones…


from what i usually read young, male, russian/eastern european and heavy drinking are a bad mix to add a hand grenade to.


"Here, hold my beer and hand me that selfie stick."


Yeah… total (and unfettered) self-involvement is surprisingly lethal. 49 selfie deaths is a drop in the bucket when compared to deaths due to texting-while-driving: a little over 16,000 a year in the US. 1 in 4 automotive accidents are due to distracted driving and 50-percent of adults admit to texting-while-driving.

Self-absorption (narcissism) isn’t a survival trait.


The important thing is that we can now pretend that selfies are actually lethal as opposed to merely tacky. This is going to revolutionize modern get-off-my-lawn-ism.



Um, let’s see. Don’t flip people off, don’t wash the windows of oncoming trains, don’t surf, don’t try to be a lion tamer, don’t take birds hostage, don’t hang off flagpoles, don’t joyride on the front of trains…

Looks like pretty solid advice, but where’s the selfie part? :slightly_smiling:


Where is the chart detailing selfi-time-related deaths?


Young male, full of testosterone and self-confidence, with no sense yet of his own mortality. I wouldn’t call it suicidal, just stupidly reckless they way some guys that age are.


Some of that can be genetically determined. There are variations in novelty-seeking and stimulus-seeking, determined by variations in certain receptors in brain.

Then there is Darwin, to maintain the optimal balance of such traits for the environment of the given population.


Selfies don’t kill people…

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