The causes of selfie-related fatalities


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This makes me so sad. I feel so sorry for all the families and loved ones of these folks. My heart goes out, honestly.


It appears that the primary cause of selfie-related fatalities is Putin’s Russia.


What’d he do with his human?


Somehow does this make me think about ‘Darwin Awards’.


Interesting, I would have thought narcissism would have been the leading cause.


As a ski patroller, I’m seeing more and more attempts at this as snowboarders go ripping down steep runs with more attention to their camera than to the terrain or traffic – and that includes two epic wrecks this year alone.


In Russia selfie takes you? I don’t see how else that picture is a selfie.

(Yes, I can read, but I wanted to make a Yakov Smirnov joke.)


You found him! So sad…


Roger That!


Causation or correlation? All the examples are dudes.


Well, there’s a correlation between dude-dom and risk taking. I would speculate that women are more likely to die of texting while driving w/r/t cell phone use.


Russia actually put out a selfie-warning pamphlet last year.

Here is part in the original Russian. Go figure.


Hey, that is a Vizsla! Great bird dogs. Hungarian Hunting Hounds.


Not a selfie, but - on the Ka’au Crater trail here, while trying to get a better angle on a landscape photo, a woman stepped right off the edge of a cliff, at the top of a waterfall. She did not survive.


Yes, had 3 when I owned a ranch, I couldn’t believe it when the local pound had all 3 up for adoption, wonderful animals. They retrieve, track, and point, very well.


Wow 3! Yes I thought they were great dogs growing up. And their hair is so short you don’t have such a mess shedding. And they are very pretty with their rust color.


I’d almost call the building-dangler a suicide. Maybe he didn’t deliberately let go, but if he was making a habit of hanging off tall buildings by one arm, he probably wasn’t in his right mind and didn’t care much whether he lived or died.


Eh - there are lots of people who do extreme things that are in their right mind. Rock climbing is dangerous. Free rock climbing even more so. But not really suicidal.


Talking to self: “A little further back please. Just a little further. One more step baaaaaaaa…”