The CDC is why you and your loved ones aren't dead. Trump just banned them from using the phrase "science-based."

If Trump manages to stick around long enough, we may witness an attempt by him to wipe out all records of Obama’s existence. He would start with something easy: Texas school textbooks


Behind the scenes, there are whole armies of these shitbirds. They’ve been fighting this fight for a long time, and now that they’ve got Trump to act as a distraction, and total control of most branches of the government, they think that all their Christmases have come along at once.

Basically, every dirtbag with an agenda has shown up with an open checkbook and a shopping list, and the administration is fulfilling requests as fast as they can. I’d guess that ‘transgender’ and ‘fetus’ were special requests from Christian groups; ‘science-based’ and ‘evidence-based’ may just be in-house selections, called for by holdovers from the Karl “We create our own reality” Rove school of thought, or perhaps from the pollution lobby and anyone else who fears that the facts may not favor the conclusions they want.


It would be amusing to see some people start using terms like “Sci#nce-Ba#ed” when appropriate. Comply with the letter of the order but fully and directly spit at the spirit.


“Breathing is a core liberal value.”


I note that your fine administration has read 1984 and is introducing Newspeak for greater clarity.


All nouns or adjectives (defining Nouns), Where are the verbs and adverbs? Are there no objectionable conjunctions or ‘propositions’?

George Carlin would have had a laugh at Trump. Maybe Trump has had a laugh at Carlin and remembers: sht, fck, pss, dan, mother-fcker, cckscker and tts - the seven words you can’t say on national TV.

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Is that why conservatives turn ‘blue’?



It’s not quite THAT bad yet, but it will get worse before we can make it better, I think.


I believe in rule of law, so I would never shout for Der Trumpenfuhrer to be locked up. I would, however, encourage his immediate indictment on multiple counts of obstructive of justice and violation of the Constitutional emoluments clause. I would also strongly encourage our would-be dictator’s cabinet to invoke Article 25 and oust him for gross incompetence, so that we can get on with the business of indicting and impeaching Koch Industries wholly owned subsidiary Mike Pence.


The only consistent core values on display in this administration are a slavish devotion to expanding corporate rights and powers, and spite.

If any decision can’t be explained by the former, it’s always the latter.


I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to have the Obamas deported to Kenya.


Meh. That’s easily cured just by thinking happy thoughts. According to, um, stuff-based reasoning.


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Haruspication has been waiting in the wings for its moment to shine once again!



tRump & TGOP are a disease.

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Instead of diversity, how about diverseness?

For fetus, post-embryon?

For vulnerable, harmable?

This is almost fun.


I like your thinking.

vulnerable: affected by Trump administration policies
entitlement: acquired right, if not for the Trump administration policies,
diversity: lack of white-straight-maleness
transgender: courageous and beautiful
fetus: potential Trump sucker
evidence-based: not the way Trump decides
science-based: not inspired by our particular god, ignorance, or greed

As in

To meet and exceed expectations for continuing improvement, a drive for more wide-spread use of not the way Trump decides strategies for effectively addressing current challenges in public health is needed.
Ideally, public health practitioners always incorporate evidence not inspired by our particular god, ignorance, or greed in making management decisions, developing policies, and implementing programs.


At the end of the day, what we need are science-based best practices that break down the silos and really move the needle. Our results-driven focus on our core competensies for mission-critical diversity initiatives for vulnerable populations will leverage synergies with thought leaders… Seriously, sometimes certain buzzwords get so oversued they lose their meaning and we need to refresh the language. The things being talked about with the “forbidden words” are real and important and can therefore be phrased in many ways. While the motives of the people forbidding the words are another matter, it is a Good Idea for us to use terminology that is meaningful to people outside our social justice bubble. We can’t win by just preaching to the choir.

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