The CDC is why you and your loved ones aren't dead. Trump just banned them from using the phrase "science-based."


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Vaxxers on the left vs right
Vaxxers on the left vs right

Nor thick enough to prevent Ayn Rand from requesting socialized medicine, when she got cancer.


Science has always been in the pocket of Big Objective Reality.


This is from The Onion, right?


Scientific evidence is liberal fake news, everybody knows that. If it ain’t in the King James Bible, it’s just fake news. Two Corinthians or bust, baby!


Just write the damned truth, and then as needed censor it with REDACTED or CENSORED.


You wish.


Much of this is pure reversalism: the Obama administration made a point of ‘evidence-based policy making’ (using those exact words), so under Trump the administration has to do the opposite. This need to undo and reject everything associated with the previous administration is almost a pathology with Trump and his friends. If Obama had advised people not to run with scissors, Trump would probably spend half the day sprinting through the corridors of the White House with a pair in each hand.

It’s also something that the CDC is probably accustomed to dealing with. ‘Evidence-based’ was a dirty word under the Bush administration too (although they never went so far as to outlaw it). People who report to governments or lobby them on behalf of vulnerable (ooops) groups have a whole lexicon of alternate phrases that they can use to avoid triggering instant rejections from political apparatchiks.

Vaxxers on the left vs right

I’m really hoping that someone is able to spoof an email to Trump telling him about the regulations about shooting yourself in the head that Obama enacted.


I’m going to have a fuckin’ stroke!



Why doesn’t “provide for the common defense” extend to illness?



Angry and irritable mood:

-Often loses temper
-Is often touchy or easily annoyed by others
-Is often angry and resentful

Argumentative and defiant behavior:

-Often argues with adults or people in authority
-Often actively defies or refuses to comply with adults’ requests or rules
-Often deliberately annoys people
-Often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior


-Is often spiteful or vindictive
-Has shown spiteful or vindictive behavior at least twice in the past six months

Vaxxers on the left vs right

If it didn’t promote laughter, it’s not The Onion (notwithstanding laughter born of hysteria).


I doubt that Trump himself had anything to do with this. Most of those words are too hard for his decaying brain to comprehend.

So, what asshole appointee from which administration power center did make this request? I’d really like to know which clammy-pawed weasel was responsible.

If there really was a “deep state” of sinister civil servants, the creep responsible would be found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft on Monday morning.

Favorite Twitter response so far:


These shitbags are such a fun blend of power-mad and moronic.


I HATE this administration.


You’ve accurately described some evil, Saturday morning cartoon characters.

Vaxxers on the left vs right

Well, that description certainly doesn’t resemble anyone that I can think of.


Sincerely held delusions is more accurate…


There ought to be a bot here that posts the head bang anime on every article with the word Trump in it.