The ceiling that birthed a naked man


(and you’ll learn how the bizarre truth behind the incident)

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who need closure

(I’m guessing there’s just an extra word in there, but my mind just screams “how the truth what???”)


That’s one way to do it. Or, you can just observe what you observe and not assume that there is a stable reality holding it all together.

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Why does that octopus have the mouth of a lamprey?

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This is a comment attempting to trigger a long discussion of what “literal” means.

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There is always some cause-effect chain. It is not always traceable back, though.

Saved you a listen: The naked man was a convict.

Feng shui?

I did the same and googled the subject. No one would build a floor structure like that so I had to see what was what. He fell out of an attic space, which meant he went through, at most 5/8th drywall if the apartment complex had a fire rated ceiling.

In short, nothing to see, move along, move along.

Is there some way to tell, from the front page, that the click-through is to a podcast and not an article? I’m always a little disappointed when I realise I can’t get the meat of the story without a half hour commitment.


I think the podcaster overestimates how interesting this story is, and how much time casual internet peeps are going to want to devote to finding out the answer. I was much more struck by how horrible the girlfriend was to the man. Clearly no one, even a would-be burglar, would set out to fall into someone’s flat naked, but maybe I am not accounting for the shock that such an event would trigger.

In any case the illustration is incorrect as the very most that would be seen would be the ceiling caved in, there would not have been broken floorboards - my inability to work out what had happened for myself was handicapped by the inappropriate and misleading illustration.


That illustration is kind of amazing. It’s clearly an artist’s impression of what might be inside a floor, by someone who has never been near a building in progress or under renovation. It’s like one of those Victorian-era illustrations of what the canal-people of Mars might look like, except those people had an excuse.

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The point of the podcast is not “you won’t believe what this naked man was doing crashing through my ceiling!” It’s a regular show about how the brain fools itself. It’s full of SCIENCE! Also, treat the illustration like a movie poster for the show.

–A fan.

PS. Please do a show on the Cotard delusion.

The point of the podcast is that VS Ramchandran is the coolest guy in the world.

p.s. Please do more shows with VS Ramchandran stuff in them!!!

Yeah, I agree. The illustration was definitely misleading in retrospect, although the initial facts presented by the narrator didn’t really conflict with it (at least not that I remember). He definitely said something about an apartment; and I just assumed there was an apartment above that naked man came from.

Thus, I, too, was struck by the initial “awfulness” of the girlfriend and the subsequent “awfulness” of the couple for not giving the poor guy some fucking clothes. Now that I know naked guy fell through the floor of something like an attic, it is way more understandable that the couple was flipped out.

That said, anyone who thinks this story is really that amazing is pretty stupid or a close-minded blockhead. haha

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