The Cher Show finale, with Elton John and Bette Midler (1975)


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This video is so gay, I watched it and went full circle back round to straight


Meine Augen!


What a magnificent hat.


I only wish Rip Taylor had put in an appearance.


My god, it’s full of stars!


I don’t see how watching Bette Midler’s crotch and many-tassled bosom makes one gay.


I feel like disco raped music, tried to flee justice and crashed into a warehouse full of bedazzlers.


Disco did not “rape” music.


Although, considering the amount of drugs involved, one wonders if music was genuinely able to give consent.


Was that Flip Wilson?


Man Bette sure can shake it too.


Well, disco certainly got music hooked on drugs and living in a trailer park, you can’t deny that.


Ha ha rape is so funny


hahahah rape


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