The most controversial music videos of all time (Bonus GIFs of Billy Squier writhing)

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At long last, a story that’s enhanced by the animated gifs!


i loved billy squier’s first album so much. still do. but this video (and his raging anti-gay stances since then) make me wish for a time when his first album was the only thing that he ever made.

Do you have a reference for his “raging anti-gay stances?” That’s kind of surprising considering how close he was to Freddie Mercury.

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ok, the hyperbole was all on me – but as a fan who was also in the throes of coming out at the time, i clearly remember the talk about him after this video came out, and his reaction disappointed me. he fired his manager, made statements denying it, etc etc. granted, it was the 80s, the AIDs epidemic (and related anti-gay sentiment) was at its peak, and his career was suddenly veering in a direction he never anticipated… so i get it. but then i also read later that he was a confirmed conservative, and voted accordingly. he may have been friends with freddie mercury, but the whole “hey, i have gay friends” thing doesn’t hold a ton of water with me. i’d love to be proven wrong on all this – as i said, i love his first album, and it resides on my phone right now – but his reaction to the perception of this video really left me cold.

I don’t remember Billy Squier or Rock Me Tonight. Tried googling the video and stumbled onto “musicless music video” version.

Oh my 80s! I couldn’t watch more than the first little bit. I’m at the office and I’m going to burst a vessel trying not to snort and LOL.


Oh man! I just did the same thing, that music-less version, lol!

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Oh man those musicless videos are amazing. The one for Gangnam Style is sublime.

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