'The Children's Blizzard' of 1888 trapped children in schoolhouses across the American Midwest


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Ah, so that’s why ‘snow days’ are a thing.



It’s easy to forget just how dangerous a blizzard can be with our advanced climate modeling, enclosed motorized conveyances equipped with 4-wheel or all-wheel drive (traction control for those of us who want better mileage) and reasonably well developed energy supplies. Still, your best option, to this day, is to shelter in place.


Yeah, now are schools are so safe from blizzards. Except for, you know, the horizontal, lead hailstorms that keep popping up.


Or god forbid cities in the South get more than a half inch of snow.


It only took 1/4" to shut down our school a couple months after we moved to Arlington, TX. We moved there from Minnesota. They sent us home from school, and I was sooooo confused - they said it was because of the snow. I remember thinking “this isn’t snow! There’s not enough to make a snowball.” Flash forward two years, and the only snow day I ever had in Minnesota (we moved back after two years) was a 24-30" double-blizzard the week of Thanksgiving. ::sadtrombone::


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