The Christie Tracker is a godsend for Bridgegate scandal obsessives like me



Mark, I have the same obsession.

I am so waiting for this to happen! I think Mark you have nailed the resignation statement.

Oh come on! Surely a guy that capacious is going to land two jobs on Fox.

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How can this be? A male has taken the Water of Life and gained prescience? Could he be… the Kwisatz Haderach?


On top of it all Christie has committed all seven of the 7 Deadly Sins which kills him with the religious right:

I have found that nearly any recent episode of Rachel Maddow is a beginning to end recap of the horror. Yet I cannot stop watching either.

He is the one who ordered just desserts. I hope he has an appetite for them all. I’ve got popcorn.

After a couple of months he will get a job on Fox News.

You really think it’ll take that long?


Could also follow it at the Blue Jersey blog.

And if you want to read the long history of Chris Christie as far back as 2005 Blue Jersey has a ton of coverage from back then.

No way a liberal like Christie will get a job at Fox. I think after he steps down he will be torn down for a condo development.

Don’t be so circumspect about Christie’s involvement, Mark. David Simon nailed it:

The same kind of people who would embark on such an action would not be able to do anything but run right down the hall to tell the governor how they had delivered pain to his political enemy. They would then wait on their attaboy. People of that ilk live for the attaboy. Like cats with a fresh-caught mouse, they were bringing home a prize. And there’s no joy for any housecat if the prize can’t be displayed to the master of the house.

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I can appreciate your obsession Mark. I have been so obsessed with the guy who as President turned the IRS loose on his political enemies to shut down their free speech. I just can’t turn away.

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