Chris Christie support at 1%

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I assume that the suggestion that we replace Christie’s support ratings with “fat chance” makes me a terrible human being?


You are just horrible!

[note New Jersey sarcasm]

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link to full poll results:

This is horrible! Say what you want about Christie. . . he’s a politician. He’s held office, he’s dealt with people, he’s been answerable to constituents.

It’s to as if the people who are failing to support Christie are throwing their support behind a reasonable candidate!

If Christie were the leading GOP candidate, then I would only despise republicans.

Bt they are much, much worse. . .

Just you wait! The momentum is just beginning!

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“Nice bridge there, shame if anything should happen to it!”
Christie was pretty much doomed after that. His reputation in the party was primarily based on being a straight talker who’d tell you want he felt, whether it was nice or sensible or not, but this lost him that.

Even if Jeb! Bush got caught shredding emails* and protecting the people who stuffed ballot boxes so his older-but-dumber brother could get elected President*, he’d still be able to beat Christie.

(*Oh, wait!..)


That’s especially true when you just step off a cliff or out of a window.

I don’t know about that. Polls showed that bridgegate had very little impact on his popularity, and that he had largely dodged a bullet by not getting caught red-handed (for the record, I think he ordered the hit). The only people who cared were the small subset of NYers who read NJ news, and those who already didn’t like Christie in the first place (there is significant overlap in those two segments, btw). The issue was never really national.

I think something else is at work here; for those who want a “tell it like it is” outsider who could make things happen, he just isn’t extreme enough. For those who want a presidential, thoughtful, reasoned candidate capable of actually winning the White House, he is too extreme and other candidates are much more appealing. In other words, he is in the “crazy gap” between Trump and Bush.

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New Jersey, in the minds of much of the Republican base, might as well be the fuckin’ third liberal moon of Endor for how they think it reflects their own views.

Plus, that one time he held hands with Obama on the beach or whatever.

Christie’s basically a traitor, a RINO, not One Of Us.


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