Chris Christie mocks "ridiculous" Ron DeSantis over ignorant Jan. 6 remarks

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He’s doomed. The Republican electorate can’t handle the truth.


always want to know the exact question they asked the (questionable) folks who willingly answer an unknown number and agreed to give their survey opinions…

Although still trailing far behind in the polls, Christie has jumped from 0% right before he entered the Republican primary race three weeks ago to 5% in a recent NBC Poll

Is it: “For whom would you vote if the election was today and your choices were limited to: trump, desantis, christie and a cast of dozens of opportunistic losers?” or “Do you think christie is spewing less nonsense that he did previously?” or “Did you forgive christie for closing the George Washington Bridge a childish political ploy?” (“personally I don’t trust any politician whose first name and last name are left truncatable duplicates”)


Totally agreed man, all this past tragedies can’t be judged because we didn’t cause or experience them firsthand. I find it impossible to form an opinion on 9/11 because, “I wasn’t anywhere near New York that day. I have nothing to do with what happened that day.”


If Chris Christie is the voice of reality (relatively speaking) in today’s GOP, the party is doomed to implode. And the sooner the better.


In most states the Republican primaries are set up as a “winner take all” or “winner take most” system, meaning you have to have a pretty high percentage of the vote to receive any delegates at all. So he’s going to have to do a lot better than 9% to not get mathematically eliminated early on in the primaries.


Every time when a friend visits and Chris Christie comes on the TV, my friend starts tromping around the room fulminating, “Chris Christie? Chris CHRISTIE??! Chris fuckin Christie! Jesus Christ, fuckin CHRIS CHRISTIE!”

What can I say? My sentiments exactly.


“I have no opinion on the actions of ‘Jack the Ripper’ because I don’t know the guy.” (Though I have to say, I actually have heard similar sentiments from Republicans before on some conservative who did something terrible they were trying to go out of their way to avoid condemning…)


He’s got my vote. For what I’m not sure, but…

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“We don’t know his motivations for all the ‘Ripping’, and it would irresponsible of us to speculate.”


I always thought he was a monstrous a-hole, but I’ll donate $5 to his campaign if it helps get him on stage for the Repubs debate.

Even though I know the odds of Trump showing up are a million-to-one.

I’d say “Let them fight,” but the base isn’t listening to Christie because he’s not supporting the lie, and he’s bound to act like he never said anything at all once someone else wins the primary.

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Next up: “Well it’s impossible to form an opinion on Hitler because none of us personally was in his bunker, and we had nothing to do with what happened that war.”

Rick’s answer needs a political cartoon of an ostrich with its head in the sand and a big confederate flag draped over his ass.

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