The Complete Beatles Songs – The Stories Behind Every Track Written by the Fab Four


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But doesn’t explain how they breath under water.


Happiness Is a Warm:
Puppy, Charles M. Schultz, 1962
Dry Martini, Johnny Carson, 1965
Gun, The Beatles, 1968
Corpse, Alfred Hitchcock, 1969


Followed closely by dry farts and beds:


They’re still more popular than Jesus.


Surely, this should be “The Compleat Beatles Songs”!


All this time I thought it was a weird dick joke.


If you have made up your own meanings for the Beatle’s beautiful lyrics, this book will destroy them. Read it at your peril.

If you can’t handle things having more than one meaning, you are already in peril!


Happiness is a properly scaled image. What happened to this one?! Not just a non-proportional scale-- the edges are stretched out.


Was this written by the man who ran/runs ‘Steve’s Beatles Page’? It was my go to Beatles lyrics and fun fact website when I was in middle school.

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