The connection between Richard Nixon and the Brady Bunch

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You know, if you had asked me whether or not Turmp likes being compared to Nixon, I’d honestly have had to flip a coin.

Something I remember from childhood, and which has often occurred to me these last five years, is an episode of He-Man where HM and Skeletor have to team up to save Eternia from an asteroid or something, and while they’re running around doing that, at one point Skeletor is like “Bah! Can’t we do something evil for once?” It really made an impression on my tiny brain that Skeletor regards himself as evil. I guess I am still unpacking the implications to this day.


Does that make Cousin Oliver “Deep Throat”? And how does the un-doggening of Tiger fit in? So many questions…


The connection between Trump and Nixon is tenuous at best:

  1. Nixon came from humble beginnings and was a notorious overworker (“Old Ironbottom” was a term of endearment)
  2. Nixon wasn’t afraid to serve in the military
  3. Nixon was articulate and capable of speaking to world leaders without embarrassing himself
  4. Nixon won the popular vote twice
  5. Nixon created the EPA
  6. Nixon knew when to leave office to avoid embarassment
  1. Sha-Na-Na shot Kennedy
  2. Sha-Na-Na stabbed that guy at Altamont
  3. Sha-Na-Na started the Peace Corps
  4. Sha-Na-Na were the first Astronauts
  5. Sha-Na-Na joined the Black Panthers
  6. Sha-Na-Na led student sit-ins
  7. Sha-Na-Na grew organic food
  8. Sha-Na-Na just never fit in

Source: The Dead Milkmen


Sha-Na-Na had The Ramones on nationally syndicated TV!


Sometimes villains just want to be villains!


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