Nixon predicts Donald Trump's election (1987)


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The headline is misleading. Everybody will think “Richard Nixon predicted Trump’s election”, which is theoretically possible but that’s not what’s shown here…


Apparently Trump has this letter hanging on the wall in the Oval Office.
Probably not too far from the portrait of Andrew Jackson.


Following in the footsteps of his mentor.


Technically, isn’t it Nixon’s wife that predicted this?


Ghost of Nixon to current Republicans: You want to dismantle the EPA and your healthcare plan is far more restrictive than the one I devised, EXPLETIVE DELTED (Yes he would say it like that) You guys are more evil than me!


Please do not insult the evil genius of Nixon by comparing him to the incompetent amateur sitting in the White House today


Yes. One of the other things that’s missing from these terribly flat Nixon/Trump comparisons is that nobody but nobody worked harder than Nixon. At Duke Law School they called him “Iron Butt,” or something like that because he was never not in the library, working. Whatever his many (many!) faults, he was a very smart, very disciplined man.


The headline was written by Percival Dunwoody and refers to Mrs. Richard Nixon.


Gad, it’s all Tricky Dick’s fault, for implanting the seed into the orange one’s tiny mind.


Oh the humanity!!!


“High praise from a former US crook to a future US crook:”

there. fixed that for you


Now compare that to a man whom there are theories that he may be functionally illiterate!


Nixon did admire and envy wealthy people.


What was her last name?


False Flag!! False Flag!! It was all a setup they had already picked the president back in '87! Elections are a SHAM!


History repeats, the first time as evil genius the second as evil bumblefuck.



The headline doesn’t specify which Nixon predicted Trump would win when he decided to run for office.


Alex Jones should run with this