The correlates of Trumpism: early mortality, lack of education, unemployment, offshored jobs

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While correlation does not equal causation, wow, this paints a dismal background for the lives of the people who vote for him: un- or under-educated, getting older and hurting more, “robbed” of the world that they were promised as children, and with no prospects for the future.


“early mortality, lack of education, unemployment, offshored jobs”

Thanks Trump!


If I may - regardless of education, getting older and hurting more, “robbed” of the world that they were promised as children, and with limited or no prospects for the future.

That sadly describes a large portion of the country. This is what happens when productivity and profits go sky high (higher than ever in the history of our country) and almost none of it results in a better anything for the average person. Not higher wages, not improved infrastructure, not improved standards of living, nothing. All that we seem to get are more platitudes about how someone who isn’t doing well enough obviously didn’t work ‘hard’ enough.

Note that ‘hard’ in this case has been totally taken over as a word - it used to mean actually performing labor - now it just means accumulating wealth.


Good thing all that’s going to change if Trump gets into power:

Here’s one article that argues that what Trump supporters want is dignity, and they feel that Trump offers this:

We are depriving the white working classes of their means to give. As we export manufacturing jobs internationally and as we streamline labor with technology, we start moving people to the sidelines. It’s not just that they have less money, it’s that their identity as providers is being threatened. This is why they are often so against welfare. Even if it would fix their financial situation, it would not fix their identity problems. It would hurt their dignity. While the working class is undoubtedly worried about the economy, we already know many will not vote in their economic best interests. They vote for the candidate who promises a return to dignity, and it’s not because they’re dumb. It’s because they care about their dignity more than they care about their finances.


Is the objective of this repost to not-so-subtly imply that the people who are voting for him belong to a certain stereotype? Or just to point out the obvious fact that people who have lost the most are most willing to cast their vote for someone who might actually do what he says and fix the system?

You’d think someone so strongly anti-TPP as you, would be in favor of a candidate who is also anti-TPP. I won’t claim to know what your stances are on other issues, but i thought defeating TPP was your prime objective? Is that not the case? Thinking rationally, which of the current candidates is most likely to accomplish this goal?

If anyone cares, Trump also wins the votes of the majority of ‘college educated’ and ‘postgraduate educated’ voters. he also has the favored republican candidate of muslim voters, and has the support of various african-american leaders

(I’m unfortunately not paid to blog all day, so those links are the best i’ve bookmarked during my casual free-time-browsing, I hope they get the broader point across)

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The broader point that came across to me is that you’re a diligent cherry-picker.


Makes me feel like singing …


Or someone who claims that he will fix the system by making appeals to xenophobia and simple-minded economics without addressing the actual causes of those losses. The white middle-class demographic is losing the most now because they have the most to lose, the most to be stolen from them by the kleptocratic class that Trump represents.


Judging from the nuanced opinions I’ve seen here, mutants at BB are not likely to be one issue voters.

Bernie Sanders is also against TPP and he hasn’t resorted to childish insults and trolling.


and more importantly what they lack is: Education. Aside everything else the Trump phenomenon is first and foremost a sign of the total failure of the public education system. Privatised, profit driven education system undermines democracy. Post WW2 there was investment in education (i.e. GI Bill) which I would propose directly correlates to increased civic engagement which in turn is the solid foundation for any democracy.

Conversely if you want to undermine democracy and facilitate the rise of demagogues start by meticulously destroying the education system (it also helps if the uneducated masses swelter in prison). Creating a for profit factory which undervalues any sign of critical thinking. If you want to fix the problem education has to be part of the solution. Also adult education. Libraries, access to Information is key.

Uneducated turkeys will keep voting for Christmas.


I saw that image via George Takai on the facebook, it occurred to me that Trumpery - Trumperies is a viable replacement for Trump, Drumpf, etc. Accurate, and inoffensively expressive of distaste.


I agree with the rest of your comment, but this part needs correction. As white flight and other forms of disenfranchisement of those who were not white took flight, urban education did not receive the benefits of this investment.


He’s a protest candidate as well.

Its why the more he’s hated, the stronger he gets.

You’ve just seen politics complete its final evolution into reality TV.

And yes… go read the Breitbart comments if you’d like to see the bona-fide Trump supporter. They’re the ones going on about Cruz eating a booger. And on… and on. Its not a stereotype. It’s an emergent social phenomenon. The shiny new pals under that big republican tent! You’re gonna need more Ranch dressing. Trust me.

Cause you can take the voter out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the voter! Especially when you’ve been streaming fascist infotainment news at them 24 hours a day for decades. They actually BELIEVE that horseshit.


I saw this comparison this week (you can compare countries on this site):

I know I can go on a bit on this issue, but honestly, it is different. While a number of these issues are due to the US having more space, others paint a picture of a country where money and employment are a lot more important than they need to be, and life is not good or dignified without them. These figures will probably be worse for Trump supporters on the whole too - they do not have anything like the status they would have had a few decades ago, and the outlook isn’t good either. These are the Hamilton Project’s figures for real wage changes over the last 25 years:

It does surprise me in some ways that more aren’t voting for Sanders; unlike many progressives he’s focusing on economics rather than race as one of the biggest factors. On the other hand, Trump gives them a hope that they can rise above people of other races at their level - not many POC would want to go back to the times when America was so great.


That’s why I’ve always thought of “We want our country back!” as a nostalgic white rallying cry.


What I find worrying is that the more educated Republicans were more likely to support Rubio. Educated enough to vote for someone who sounds more like them, not educated enough to think deeply about what he stands for.


I’m pretty sure they want the country the way it was before the Civil War.


I think I saw that movie. Wasn’t it called White Pride Unchained?