The cover to a Korean edition of "Diary of Anne Frank"



I guess that’s one way to get teenage boys interested in literature.


Must be South Korea as she doesn’t have an approved haircut.


וואס איז די שיינע בלאנדע שיקסא
And in 80s denim too?
P.S. you have to say it in the voice of a real Gateshead yeshiva bacher “shaayinah”

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I wonder if she’s in any way related to White Jesus?

This is strangely understandable. The all-too-common situation where the cover illustrator isn’t familiar with the book really bit some backsides here. “Hmm, a female name, and it’s about a diary - obviously it’s about a young woman’s romantic exploits! Job done!”

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As far as I know THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK is not a pulp novel as the cover seems to suggest.

Have to remember though, Brian Ashcraft is the video game journalism equivalent of the Daily Mail.

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Google’s transliteration follows:

“Wwʼs ʼyz dy şyynʻ blʼndʻ şyqs”


“That is the beautiful blonde gentile”

I’m still laughing about that transliteration.


It’s not wrong, just… weird looking.

This is an old cover, done back when Koreans tried to use images of foreigners to help sell products. This foreign-chic marketing is still found today since some businessmen target older Koreans who can still be affected by such. Use of the foreign-chic approach is often found in product names for appliances, cosmetics and some ventures like the GM/Daewoo venture that featured a car with the GM™ but was almost all Daewoo inside. It is all a bit like the French-chic thing in America back in the earlier part of the 20th Century. Even today, I remember “Le Steakhouse” in Washington, DC as being an awful example of such.

More South Korean businessmen are doing better at marketing the Korean brand nowadays despite some strange things that happen once and a while and the assorted North Korean oddities that occasionally happen.

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Reminds me of this poster for ‘Dirty Pretty Things’, which, as anyone who has seen the actual film can attest, is incredibly inappropriate:

Wow, you are one fast bunny!

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