The Crazy is Contagious

Linked story contains some NSFW tweets.

Our local newly minted top GOP Robert Morrow is going off the rails a la Drumpf.

I just hope whatever’s in the water supply doesn’t mutate and jump species parties.

Hit your grocery store before there’s a run on popcorn!


Don’t be afraid. It’s really not contagious.

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Wow. That is scary. might want to put a tag on that one. I’m just sitting in a starbucks and got embarrassed to scroll past some of that in public.


Good idea. Done. Sorry 'bout that.

Was Morrow ever on the rails? He’s been a raving loon for a long time.

Fox News was promoting his deranged book for a while (Hannity loved it) and Trump gave him a shout-out:

He dedicated his book to and loves Holocaust denier Victor Thorn who blames 9/11 on the Jews:

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Before Tuesday he was pretty much Alex Jones lite. Now he’s gone the full Drumpf, no longer just being a raging conspiracy theory bigot, but actively trying to bite the hand of mainstream conservatives. All I can think is maybe he’s decided what worked for Drumpf could work for him. Which is odd since Texas was Cruz’s biggest win on Tuesday. As to why local conservatives voted for Morrow in the first place on Tuesday, I’d guess they didn’t know much about him. Either way, looks like his career in the GOP is on the chopping block.

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Yeah, it’s hard to guess why they picked one over the other, maybe a knee-jerk reaction to kicking out the “establishment” guy. The press wasn’t giving the creep a lot of attention prior to the race to point out what a demented 4chan freakshow he is. Before the election he was posting some insane things about Trump’s penis, but besides the boob pics was mostly focusing on unhinged Clinton rants (and the occasional pro-KKK remark). But his long history of ranting about “ni**ers” and “kikes” isn’t hard to find, or his long history of rants about Perry/Rubio/Jeb Bush/GWB being gay. Now they have a very anti-establishment fellow.


As Colbert quipped, yesterday was My God, What Have We Done? Wednesday.




Seems plausible that most of the people who voted for him really didn’t know much about him.

Then again…


I have to believe very, very few voters knew much about him at all. Otherwise I’d have to move out of Austin.

There are a number of Alex Jones weirdoes here, and he was on the Alex Jones show a couple days before the election, but I didn’t think they voted since then the government would be able to collect your DNA for the FEMA drones to find you.

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