The creation of Falkor


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It’s a dog.

Ah, the days of non-CG-rendered fantastical creatures. Back when they actually looked like they had a physical presence in the scene and actual weight to them.

Sure, there’s things you can’t do with it, and CG has gotten a lot better. But there’s still nothing that beats the look of a well-made physical puppet.


It’s a plane!

Did not know, that they changed the Name of the Luck-Dragon in the english Version. I had known him as Fuchur. That was a magical Movie :slight_smile:

Before he made Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s 1924 film Die Nibelungen: Siegfried famously used a fire-breathing, full-sized puppet dragon, (as opposed to a special-effects miniature). It was designed by Erich Kettelhut and operated by a team of puppeteers who were stationed inside and underneath the beast.


They changed it because in English most people would pronounce that “Fucker”. Which would have been really great, actually! But sadly no.

“BBS moderator Falcor the Don’t-Push-Your-Luck Dragon”

Do what now?

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