The Digicue: a tiny electronic billiards trainer


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A pool cue. One more thing that I never realized needs an Internet connection.

A stick.


surf sticks can be handy, though ; )


What’s brown and sticky and needs your WiFi password?


It’s a major security risk, a threat to your privacy, just the thing to enhance your game of pool, and on sale for a limited time!

This site is so confusing.


Pool is not billiards. :rage:


I would not like this. Damn thing would buzz whenever I would take a shot, which would only mess me up worse :rage:


Hell, I learned a lot just reading the summary of what triggers this thing’s alerts! Thanks bb!


One thing that’s consistent among great pool players is they spend a lot of time practicing and playing against each other.



The description doesn’t say that it’s wifi-enabled.


There is only 1 type of buzzing and it’s sometimes difficult to figure out which offense caused it.

I’m intrigued by this, but it’s more or less useless to me without any indicator of which offense(s) I committed on a particular stroke.


“Bad Dog!!!”

Seems like a Skinner box that could lead to “superstitious behavior” re-enforcement.


I’d buy one if instead of buzzing it delivered an electric shock.


Just buy the CIA version…


At the end of the article its author, Michael Borys, states:

[quote]I really only have two gripes with the DIGICUE:

  • There is only 1 type of buzzing and it’s sometimes difficult to figure out which offense caused it.

- There needs to be a way to track progress online.[/quote]

I suspect that the author’s desire for online tracking of progress made using this device is what spurred comments in this thread about WiFi and Internet connections.

You are correct though that the description of the item as it currently ships doesn’t mention WiFi and isn’t a major security risk or a threat to privacy.

Kudos on your level-headed presentation of the facts.


Would be interested if it intoned

“Ooh and that’s a bad miss”

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