The director of "The Flash" hopes that alleged cult leader Ezra Miller reprises his role in a sequel

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That’s kind of a big if…


There’s still Grant Gustin, why is WB trying to avoid the fact that Grant Gustin’s portrayal of the Flash is kind of good and he probably can do well in film?


What, praytell, is that supposed to mean?


Were you trying to be funny there, because you missed and landed in “offensive.”


I was mildly interested in the Flash movie when it was first announced a while back but after all of the things that Ezra Miller has been doing has surfaced i made the decision to not bother watching it. Maybe i’ll watch it online at some point but certainly not going to spend my money on it. WB is a train wreck and they really need to be separated from DC.


The early word from people who’ve seen early screenings is that it’s really good, so it might not be a big if.


yeah, if the studio had said they’d dropped them, i’d have less qualms seeing the movie. knowing now that watching it - especially in theaters - might further enable someone who’s been erratic and abusive? that’s a hard no


Yeah, they’re a decent actor, but certainly not a decent person. They really need to get their shit together before moving on because this simply endangers other workers in film production. They’re a walking psychological OSHA violation.


Let’s bookmark this one for the future wide-eyed chin-strokers wondering how the entertainment industry could tolerate an abusive creep for so many years.


Considering it revolves around Flashpoint, which is specifically made to change the nature of the universe, switching actors in this (and over in Marvel’s house, the Kang swap is the exact same thing) is easier than a new Doctor. No regeneration or even camera swap needed. Just he’s a Flash from another universe and the one you know is out there…somewhere. If they get their act together, they can come back, if not, let it go on.


Absolutely, especially when the film itself has two different actors playing Batman, making it clear that the variants need not look or act the same (already established in the MCU)


I think the streamiled TV Flash looks much more comics accurate and has a sense of fun that movie Flash in his bulked-out chunks-of-armor suit can’t match.


Just a great way to ensure that I maintain zero curiosity in the property.

At this point I have to assume that the fact that Gustin “isn’t a movie star” means they’re worried about his ability to pull people in for a movie. You’d think that where the marketing for The Flash has focused on everyone but Barry on account of Miller being extremely problematic, they’d consider someone relatively unknown better than someone known to be shitty, but seems not.

To an extent it may also just be that the show is pretty bad now and they don’t want to cross pollinate, but I completely agree that he’s a great Flash and it’d be fun to see him get some (hopefully) better writing.

Hope that they get the help, (or consequences) that they deserve as an adult human, whatever that is…

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