Warner Brothers can't quit Ezra Miller

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The film industry always practises a particularly brain-dead version of the “glass floor”, giving chance after chance to whatever white male serial screw-up the executives have invested in.


Even before all of these controversies by Ezra Miller i wasn’t particularly excited as him playing The Flash. I didn’t see myself wanting to watch the movie when it came out, and knowing his behavior i doubt i’ll see it in theaters. I do feel bad for everyone else working on the film


Maybe CTRL Shift Face could replace Miller with a different actor?

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I heard Henry Cavill’s mustache, while bitter about being removed from Justice League, now has representation and is looking for a project.


Having just come off of watching The Batman, which was a great film with no DCEU connection…

Damn, DCEU is cursed.

Reminds me of the “paper over all the horrible stuff as long as there’s profit to be made” culture endemic in a certain Superhero satire series that recently dropped its third season.

Entertainment Reporter: Here with Adam Bourke, the Director of Dawn of the Seven. It seems like all those reshoots paid off, my friend.

Director: Right, well, after the, you know, “Stormfront’s a Nazi” thing we had real thoughts about shelving the movie or at least dumping it on Vought Plus. But, uh, the fans spoke with those “Release the Bourke Cut!” hashtags. You guys, I love you!


Yeah, having watched Justice League (I was doing laundry, and it was my weekly “Bad Movie Sunday”), I completely disliked them in that role. I had no interest in the Flash film because of their inclusion. The Flash from television would have been a bit better choice I thought. Oh well, I’m not a highly paid movie executive putting out (snicker) quality films like DC does (chortle).


I loved the dig about sub-par films going straight to Disney+. Bet there were a lot of folks at Pixar who worked on Soul, Luca and Turning Red who really felt that burn. (Not that Turning Red deserved it.) The new “live action” Pinocchio is also going to be a non-theatrical Disney+ release.

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I miss this version of the Flash.


The entire DCEU is such a hot mess that I really have no excitement to see it. Mr Miller is not even on my list of favorite versions of the flash.

Hell, 70s flash edges him out a bit in my head.


They identify as non-binary, though any person ought to know that it’s not fair to throw one’s genetic lottery weight around against those who are less physically powerful.

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Thanks. I didn’t know how they identified. Is the character being portrayed as non-binary too? That would be cool.

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As super-speedsters in the DC canon go I suppose the Flash is less binary than Mas y Menos.


As long as it’s not Ezra Miller.

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“Warner Brothers can’t quit Ezra Miller”

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The DC movies (besides the awful Snyder junk) have been quite disappointing. I did (mostly) enjoy the first wonder woman movie, Aquaman was kind of fun at times but overall was just fine, and Shazam felt like they were trying really hard to do a lot with not enough budget and the story was not very exciting… Though i didn’t hate it either.

That said The Batman was a real treat to watch.


It’s a real mess they’ve found themselves with the casting

Gotta say, seems like it would have been easier to type “they” than that long explanation for something you say you don’t want to argue about.

Kinda seems like you’re looking for a fight. But I calls ’em the way they looks to me when I have no idea of a person’s real motives.


Indeed. Also seems rude and disrespectful no matter how much of a garbage person Ezra Miller seems to be. And disingenuous of the poster to type it all out then say ‘this isn’t the place to discuss it’.