The Doberman Gang somehow didn't win Best Picture in 1972


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They started showing this on TV when I was 5 or 6. I. LOVED. This. Movie. If there’d been VCRs I would have driven my parent insane with it. Between this and Magnum PI I wanted a doberman so bad.


Is that Maurice LaMarche doing the voiceover?
Or Paul Frees?

I saw this as a kid on TV and thought it was really brilliant, but remembering it as an adult figured that it’d be crap like so many things I liked as a kid (6 Million Dollar Man was a favorite and it is mind bogglingly bad, and Escape to Witch Mountain shaped my youth, but well, it actually sucks as a film…). But The Doberman Gang, it actually is a good film.

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Help! Save us little Silky Terrier!

Definitely Frees.
LaMarche was 14.


I totally fell for this movie when I was a kid. I wanted my dad to trade in our dumb mutt for a Doberman and I knew it could be trained to do all sorts of cool stuff (I wasn’t going to rob a bank or anything, I promise!) within a week and I would be the coolest kid in the neighborhood!

People always look at me like a crazy person when I talk about these movies. Disappointing when, as a kid, you believe everyone watched this movies and admired them as much as I did.

The Doberman Gang killed the heist film. Not because it was bad but because it was so good and you couldn’t top it. It would be a couple of decades later until a film, coincidentally enough, called “Reservoir Dogs” came along that revived the genre.


Man, poor Paul Frees,
All I can think of during this trailer is those recordings of Orson Welles losing his shit while taping.

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Best Picture 1972: “The Godfather”

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We (I) need a reaction face gif (1:31-1:37) so bad.

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Air Bud beats it in both the ‘dogs perform human activities’ and the ‘quantity of ridiculous sequels’ categories. You’ve been learned.

Air Bud (1997 - Basketball)


Air Bud 2: Golden Retriever (1998 - NFL)


Air Bud 3: World Pup (2001 - Soccer)


Air Bud 4: Seventh Inning Fetch (2002 - Baseball)


Air Bud 5: Spikes Back (2003 - Volleyball)


Air Buddies (2006 - Bounty hunters???)

According to a dog in the trailer, the DVD is “off the chain”. 4.9/10

br br br br br br < can has enter=br tag? thx.

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Good dang there’s a ton of those films

My personal favorite from the same time period was ‘Trapped’

Earl Holliman gets mugged in a department store bathroom, wakes up after closing and has to survive the night with six dobermans hunting for him in the store.

My roommate and I always talk about this movie. I saw it when it first came out, loved it, and the second movie as well. Its funny because I hadn’t thought of these movies for years (decades really) and then out of the blue one day my roommate references it. Now every other day it comes up in conversation. Great stuff.

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