The Doctor Who Coloring Book

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The Missus loves hers.

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I’ll have to say the 8th Doctor is the best.

Least seen on screen yet has had one of the longest career as the Doctor, doing the audios nearly a decade before the start of the new series.

He a blend of the old show and the new. He’s travelled with classic characters such as the Brig and Susan Foreman (he’s actually GREAT grandfather at one point), and even new characters like River.

The coolest part about that book is that from the outside it appears to be a skinny paperback, but on the inside it’s a 700-page tome.


[quote=“greg_codori, post:3, topic:74927, full:true”]
I’ll have to say the 8th Doctor is the best.[/quote]
He had a great small-but-dry role in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

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