The Doo Dah Parade is the "twisted sister of the conventional Rose Parade"

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A few years back my son contributed his unicycle skills to liven up the group of earthquake-preparedness people that my wife was marching with.

One of the many fun things about the parade is the tradition of throwing tortillas. The city actually passed an ordinance against doing that as a result, but nobody pays any mind to that. My older son really enjoyed tossing those, especially in the direction of my younger son.


I marched in the parade once back in the early '80s. The group I was in didn’t do much, but I remember seeing a group of people in suits and carrying briefcases doing close order drill like the video for Jackson Browne’s “Lawyers in Love.” There was also a group carrying mannequin arms and holding signs about the right to bear arms. They had little kids with them that were small arms.


I like the way they pick the Doo Dah Queen and Court: They buy fancy prom and evening dresses from thrift stores and have try-ons. If it fits, you sits on the float in the dress. I don’t know how they pick people to try on the dresses.


This is actually the highest limit of sublime that exists in Southern California. I invite everyone to come out and see this spectacle.

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