The Electric Pencil – A man draws for 37 years from the State Lunatic Asylum No. 3

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“Electric Pencil” was Michael Shrayer’s 1976 word processor, that was fairly big in the home computer world for a few years.


Is it safe to assume that disobeying his father is an act of insanity? Because I need to talk this over with my son.


I am puzzled by the form shown in the first Wink sample, the one from J.R. Walton, Treasurer. It begins “Board of patients must be paid in advance…” To me this sounds as if the person being committed (or his family, I suppose) was expected to pay for his or her stay in the asylum. Or is this an internal memo from the Hospital to the County Treasury seeking reimbursement for the expense of maintaining the patients? Does anyone know?

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