The EPA paid $1,560 for 12 fountain pens

There is one – it’s called the GSA.

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Oh I know. but I don’t think anyone else does or at least they don’t care. People want to chime in on how they’d use common sense to fix all the perceived woes.

The sensationalist title really doesn’t help matters either. I would argue that it is so inaccurate with the intent to mislead as to be a blatant lie. Finally something that is actual fake news.

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As has been said, less than $200 for a “customized” fountain pen is actually… not that big a deal, frankly. There are probably 100 things Pruitt has done TODAY that are waaaaaaay worse. Like, might contribute tot he end of our species and many others, worse.


I’m pretty sure that there ARE standards for this sort of thing. You know, like having the agency seal on the item and the name of the office rather than name of the individual in it. Certainly that is the way that the Army rolls. But of course Mr. Pruitt does not like those sorts of rules.


Yes - I think the head of a Federal Agency spending 1300 dollars on gifts is actually pretty reasonable. You do realize that there is a list of 100 things you can be actually outraged about over Pruitt that matter - this is like complaining about the type of paper he ordered for his office.

How about … the really evil shit like destroying the regulations that make our air breathable?

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The thing is they are related. Pruit’s egotism, such as giving away $130 fountain pens with his signature on them, is part and parcel of his corruption. For someone else, giving away expensive swdag (stuff we don’t all get) to visitors is just isolated government waste. Not so with Pruit. And sometimes it just takes a “small” thing to get someone bounced out of an office where the the worse things they are doing are overlooked. So I’ll take every shot we can get.

This IMHO is the worst aspect of Fountain Pengate. Pruitt is making it clear in as many ways as possible, including this, that EPA is “his agency,” and not the agency of the American people. Disgusting.

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This is all the same thing. And more, because it’s also works symbolically of everything you just listed.

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