The EPA's own staff are aghast that Trump is bringing back asbestos


Let’s line the oval office with asbestos.


How the hell did we slip into this horrible alternate universe?


That would explain the pallets of sheet asbestos with drumpf’s mug on them then, yes?


I hear the White House is undergoing renovations…


Unfortunately, that would leave one more thing to clean up for the next responsible tenant.


Keep an eye open to check; they might try to recycle some of the old pro-asbestos arguments The Chrysotile Institute and The International Chrysotile Association used to make in the olden days.


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These things are still made. Even if they were banned, we’d still have large tarps and dish soap.




Can someone explain how this executive order from Trump works? From my reading it seems the the EPA can only operate according to statute passed by congress. They have the power to issue regulation but those regulations have congressional oversight. This move seems like it’s happening without congressional oversight. Has congress completely abrogated their role in government?


They’ll have to answer to Congress, but it takes longer than penning an executive order to undo an ill conceived executive order.
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