Under Trump, EPA kills funding for kids' health research centers

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It has been so stressful for republicans to keep saying “there is no evidence that XXX is harmful” when the agencies they run have that evidence. It would be so much easier if we just didn’t collect the data.


But, but, but Trump is PRO-LIFE. Didn’t they hear? I’m sure the Don will turn that shit right around and give them some of his “wall” money. Right Donnie, Right?


That there is rich folk money. Tell those damn kids to get a job.

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The EPA is on a roll today.


Well, thank goodness we can stop worrying about children’s health. Maybe soon we can stop worrying about all this “clean air” and “clean water,” everyone keeps going on about. Looks clean enough to me. And anyway, what are you going to do, stop breathing? Lol. Really, I hope soon we can stop knowing that our food is safe, and that our medications have been tested. Takes all the excitement out of life.
What has happened to people’s sense of adventure?

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When a woman has an abortion for whatever reason it is murder, but when a corporate polluter harms or kills a child, it is progress.
They only “care” about you until you are born, kid. After that you are strictly on your own.

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Don’t forget the order of magnitude too. When a woman gets an abortion it’s murder, when corporations kill 1000 children and leave 5000 impoverished, famished, or disabled as a result of their actions… that’s just progress.


The situation reminds me of lyrics from a song:

Joan of arc was burning at the stake
somebody had made a big mistake
She had lit a cigarette
in an aiport where you get
All your fingers taken off for smoking.
Meanwhile up the road a factory’s choking
The ones who killed her work there I’m not joking

–Graham Parker, “Get Started, Start A Fire”

If Trump and the Right keep this up, Cory will be out of a job. We will be up to our necks in dystopia.

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