The EU is about to "end everything that's good and pure about the internet"

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As a point of order, the odds are that your MEP is not on the Legal Affairs Committee which is voting today. You can and should contact the MEPs who are on the committee, though.

If the committee chooses to double down on this bungled abortion of a proposal, then you will need to contact your MEP.

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they did it. 10:15 in favor for this insane bullshit; thats even worse as the predicted 12:13.

and of course we will likely never know, who of the former -as it seems- alibi-opponents felt, cause it was naturally a secret ballot.

it was pure corruption and much to my embarrassment this whole riesengrosse, unfassbare scheisse was initiated and pushed till this day by a german politican, most likely in bed with one of the biggest news-publisher in germany.

this truly is a fucking sad day for the as-we-know-it-internet.

edit/ maybe its even simpler or mix of it; just the ridiculously open attempt to establish a political censorship infrastructure for europe.

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