The few Thanksgiving recipes I search for every year

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This year we went down to Chicken Hut and got two family boxes of fried chicken with collards and mac-n-cheese. And let me tell you, I could not be happier.


Chicken Hut’s catch phrase always makes me chuckle:


My Chicken Hut is a different concern than your Chicken Hut, but I sense they have a common interest.


Oh, bummer. I spotted that one in Naples italy. Maybe it’s just the European phrasing.


you mean you don’t look for this one every year?


My sous vide turkey went over amazingly this year. Sharing below:

  • Season a ~3lb turkey breast (thawed) liberally with salt & pepper, all over.
  • Heat a sous vide water bath to 145 degrees F.
  • Put the turkey in a sous-vide bag with 3 slices lemon, sprigs of rosemary and sage, and 2 tablespoons of butter. Seal the bag ‘sous vide’ (either through water immersion or a machine).
  • Place the bag in the 145F bath, making sure it is fully submerged. Cook for 3 hours or up to 6 hours if you are busy with other things.
  • Remove breast from water bath and bag, then dry with paper towels.
  • Transfer to smoker for 1-1.5 hours at 145F. Use apple wood chips
  • Finish with blowtorch and/or flame deflector if desired. Let rest 10 minutes under aluminum foil then carve.

I also looked up cranberry sauce recipes, but it’s just the basic back-of-the-bag recipe - bag of berries, quantity of sugar I had to look up, water, orange juice since I didn’t have oranges around. I did make a cranberry-walnut pie (basically a pecan pie, but I had walnuts and dried cranberries around), and basic stuffing, and a turkey breast and gravy for my wife, and the usual potatoes and yams and such.

Haven’t had tuna noodle casserole in probably 50 years - it wasn’t something my mom particularly liked; maybe at some potluck back before I went veggie. I think of it as also containing cheese, maybe powdered-imitation-parmesan? I’ve occasionally made the green bean casserole from scratch, making the soup myself and frying some onions.

Unfortunately, French’s fried onions now have palm oil in them, like so many products (it’s not just ecologically destructive, but it’s that in an area of critical wildlife habitat, with orangutans, the Javan rhino, Sumatran tiger, and other endangered species.)

Costco had a brand of fried onions that don’t, and I’d have bought them but they were in Costco sized packages, and I didn’t know if I really wanted that much :-). Should have gotten them anyway, though I already made too many things to eat yesterday, in addition to the giant Costco pumpkin pie.

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