The final Flash trailer does its best to try and convince you that there's more to the movie than Batman



That the director has hinted that Nicolas Cage will appear in a cameo or more as Superman in the never made “Superman Lives!” film is hilarious and I can’t wait to laugh at that.
No one with a shred of taste thinks this kid was a good version of The Flash - and without Michael Keaton being in this it would be a bomb of epic proportions wirh all the bad publicity he’s built up.

They should have bumped Grant from the TV version to the big screen years ago, but even that show now suffered through years of fatigue with poor writing and declining ratings.

The DC films have always been laughably dumb. The Snyderverse is truly dead. Not even another Aquaman will be anything but a bomb too.

James Gunn dumping the one actor that everyone still actually liked with Cavill as Superman is epically dumb. So we’ll see if this finally puts an end to this plague of nonsense films!

Barry Allen, “I’m taking you in for the murder of Gotham’s Police Commissioner!”
Killer Frost, “But, Flash, Gordon’s alive!”


Miller always looks surprised to be there

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Stephen Amell called it years ago when Snyder was working on the Justice League movie. They already had the league on TV. There was no need to recast or build a new universe. They should have all been bumped up to the big screen and the shows could have ended before they became too repetitive.


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