The 'Fuller House' season 4 trailer draws out complex emotions


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They already have 4 seasons? I though this only came out a year or two ago?


Everything about this show defies both physics and logic.


I could never really get past the fantastical premise that anyone could afford such a spacious, well-appointed home in San Francisco on just three full-time salaries.


Two newscasters, two failing artists. Seems like SF.


The most reality-defying example of San Francisco housing I’ve ever seen was from So I Married and Axe Murderer, in which a goddamn beat poet is able to afford a high-end apartment in North Beach.


I like how in the The Rock the car chases aren’t instantly held up by traffic and then “Critical Mass”


Honest question, was it as ridiculous in the late 80s?


As we fall further towards the event horizon of the black hole for us time seems to slow down, but for Fuller House they’ve already hit season 4.


EW! Nope.


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