The Funky, Retro Stylings of Francesco Francavilla's Batman 1972


Definitely a sort of Batman that owes more to Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese, Diabolik and other Italian comics. It might be a good basis for a story about a guy who uses Batman as a disguise, cribbing the mask from the old Adam West series. And if he exists in a world where the Batman comics have been around, that means the “villains” could be accomplices who adopted those costumes. Hmmm…

Why comic book writers are not using Francavilla more is a great mystery. His work on Afterlife With Archie is some of the best work on the stands (and is even mediocre compared to some of his other work). This guy should have his pick of the cream of the crop of writing. In my humble opinion, this man and Fiona Staples are the top of the heap.

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Needs the right soundtrack:

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