Presented in stark black and white, Batman Noir takes on the origin of comics’ greatest super-villain, The Joker


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could stand to be a bit more noir



we need to go darker…


A story about a psychotic clown set inside a demented funhouse is no place for bright colors!


“But what would be the fun in that!?!?


IMHO - the best comic artists don’t NEED color. Though I don’t collect like I used to, I still flip through or keep abreast of news, and it seems more modern books have less and less darks. Probably because with the fancy new coloring by computer, you can have depth and the illusion of shape with gradients, vs shadows. And more area to show off the colors.


I’m partial to this one.


This reminds me of the Batman Black & White series. There were a lot of great short stories in that series. The motion comics were also entertaining.


I saw it in a store but I thought it was a coloring book.
Oh no, that was this:


Ha I was just going to post that too! One of the greatest bands of all time.


In two of their incarnations anyway.


The killing joke is hugely overrated.



Skip the recent animated movie though. Surprisingly cheap-ass animation, totally superfluous and out-of-characters added prologue. It does nothing to enrich or examine the source material. F.


Yep. The greatest comic writer of all time phoning it in on the last work he did for DC, and the first he subsequently disowned. Can’t find the exact quote but it’s along the lines of it doesn’t say anything about the human condition. The violence & implied rape of the one of the only two female speaking parts in the book (‘Character’ is to strong a word for Barbara’s appearance in it) which they sought to rectify with the recent animated movie but just extended the terrible in new and appalling ways. The grim-dark cliche of the hero & villain ‘we’re the same deep down’ The only reason I’ve still got it is Bolland’s art, and it’s the original lurid colouring that works (which is correct in having the Bat Oval too so that’s another plus)

If you want Brian Bolland b&w art, here’s one of the greatest comic panels of all time:


Something something vantablack.


Sorry, John Higgins! I thought your coloring work genius.


Still the best Joker.


I actually think this is the best Joker:


Frank Sinatra?