The Gallery of People Who Can't Adult

Inspired by by the lady who wanted her money back while the Burger King itself was being flame-broiled, I thought we needed a thread for those who seem to have problems conducting themselves maturely.

I’ll start the ball rolling with this man-boy:


Yeah, pretty stupid.

I mean, first of all, private property and private parking within city limits is kinda dumb. It’s lame that we can’t just treat the commons as common, but instead have to sell every bit of useful land for private use to a corporation to do with and externalize as they see fit.

But then, yeah I guess the guy was also pretty dumb to park with a sign like that. Although 20 minutes from parking to towing seems awfully draconian. Especially considering there appeared to be no business going on in the area anyway.

The guy was real whiny about asking over and over again how he can get his truck back and just not listening to anyone. I’ve worked in customer service from a few different angles.

Customer service has taught me one thing: When people are in a position where it’s vitally important for them to listen and pay attention, they will 9 times out of 10 absolutely refuse to listen and pay attention the first 5 times you tell them something. They don’t want to fix their problem. They want there to have never been a problem. When you tell them how they can fix their problem they will immediately reject any solution.

That’s why it’s so important to lever over customers instead of being obsequious. That’s why during internal tech support it’s important to be able to take control of the user’s computer. They won’t listen and are disinclined to participate in their own solutions.


I literally had to tell someone on Friday to please stop explaining his problem to me so I could tell him how to solve it. Because every time I tried to say “we can fix that for you, but this is what you need to do” I would get two words into a sentence and he’d start off again about his problem.

When he finally let me actually finish the sentence, he was estactic that there was a solution. And I was thinking, “yeah, but you gotta give me a chance to tell it to you, first.”


I’ll await a video of me from here.

I’m can’t adulting right now!


It’s a web hosting company in Dallas’ Deep Ellum neighborhood. It’s open for business 24x7, and customers and employees need to be able to park there. Unfortunately, people who have no business doing so park there anyway, to go to the restaurants and bars. On some of these videos you can see drivers pull in, read all the signs plastered on the wall, and park there anyway.

Of course, if the bars and restaurants shut down for a while, they might not have much material to post.


Could be worse:
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You are so singing my song here…


I’m tentatively coming around to the idea of public ridicule returning as a form of social censure, but the age of global social media means there’s sore need for some kind of proportionality management.

Years ago I ran multi-storey car parks in Brighton - I often didn’t wear my tie so have fond memories of being shouted at by a very stroppy lady, demanding to see the manager.
That look of horror when you get to lean in and quietly say with a smile, “Madam, I am the manager.”


I recall an old comic

  1. A says to B: “why can’t we deal with our differences like real adults?”
  2. B punches A out.
  3. B says to an unconscious A: “I wanted to discuss it, but you insisted on behaving like an adult.”



I did gridlock the city with the push of a button just to see if I could…

But who wouldn’t? :woman_shrugging:t3:




You must have so many storeys.


Welcome to my life.


Sorry, not enough space here.


Could you park them somewhere else?



Yes the Puritanical taste is certainly an acquired one.