The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


It is now being reported, but this has the full text of the letter.




I wonder if it’s some dumb asshat trying to use the town watch as a scapegoat. Wait’ll they learn about the printer identification technique. That should be a hoot.


Given those involved in the “Town Watch”, no scapegoats needed.

Think less “Block Watch” and more Oathkeepers/Citizens Militia.

I hope it’s taken fucking seriously.


Interestingly, 10 activists entered event, 4 black and 6 white. Any guesses who got arrested and thrown out?



This is really stupid, besides the obvious racism, they also admit to a previous hate crime? :confused:


Well, Trump’s just going to pardon them anyway if they get caught right? /s


Yet another woman-hating white guy with a gun murdering people in Florida.

Also apparently a former high school teacher who may or may not have been forced to resign after two years on the job. So he’s one of the people who gun rights activists believe should have been able to carry on campus to keep out children safe.


Cant ‘like’ that.

But the requisite gif is forthcoming:


It’s not just here.



Breitbart alternate historian Dinesh D’Souza gets demolished, not that he’ll ever acknowledge it.


Corrected that to the proper identifier. I don’t know why anyone pays attention to Distorts D’Trutha anymore.


On the surface, it’s coverage of George Soros and his critics, but down in the corners it’s a hit piece with the smell of cooking numbers in the air, a carefully crafted apples and oranges comparison with the Koch Bros, NYT doing their part to mainstream the vilification.


Treacherous weasels such as the NYT are why I’ve been repeatedly posting variations on my propaganda rant for the last few years.


I don’t think I would have noticed it was a hit job if I wasn’t familiar with right backstage organizations and their funding sources.


Good news about “racial IQ” junk science guy, but this almost made me fall out of my chair:

Rare image of Richard Spencer not being punched.


I’m sure that George Mason U. has a seat all warmed up for Richard Lynn.


No need. He has a seat on the 1930s eugenics/nazi/racist Pioneer Fund.


"Motel - $7.6m"