The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes



Damn, I knew it was started by pro-eugenics racists who attended Nazi conferences in Germany before the war, and they funded bogus “racial IQ” studies through the years, down to Richard Spencer, but this is a creepy link to Jesse Helms and the Republicans:

The takeover bid by Fairness in Media, an ad hoc committee run by the political allies of Helms, was launched in January. Since then, CBS has hired a battery of top-dollar law firms with the goal of discrediting the North Carolina-based political machine in an attempt to uncover what it claims are improper political fund-raising and other activities that violate federal law.

As part of this effort, CBS already has linked officials of the Helms organization and its main lawyer in the takeover battle to a controversial tax-exempt foundation, The Pioneer Fund. The fund has financed research into “racial betterment” by scientists seeking to prove that blacks are genetically inferior to whites.,_Inc.

Hmm. It seems Jesse Helms was a bit of mentor to John R. Bolton. Unshocking!

Richard Spencer may have coined the term Alt-Right, but it seems more like only the current end of a long lineage that winds back like old network cable.


"As Virginia becomes a deeper blue state, (Cory) Stewart told the Post he doesn’t plan to reenter the political arena “until and unless the Commonwealth is ready for my views on things, and that’s not right now, clearly.” The Hill

Cory Stewart, Virginia’s defeated racist politician and all around disgusting human bows out of politics.



If he’s waiting for Virginians to be ready for his view of things he’d better get cracking on inventing a time machine that’ll take him back to the Reconstruction era (if not earlier).


This is truly stunning. With a daughter in college myself, I find the story just incredible.


Just as a warning, you might want to avoid the comments on this article if you have any issues with blood pressure. :rage:


Galaxy brain.


I don’t know what’s funnier, that people still sling IQ tests around, or that because of a variety of factors, it’s unlikely that the Revolutionary Period US would have tested at all better.


It’s such a dead horse trope, even if IQ was relevant in all of this it wouldn’t work because countries with millions of people always average out to the same number. Statistics, it works.



Too bad for him that rubbish isn’t science, no matter how much he tries to paint it that way.


Sadly, too many people absolutely still believe that it is…


Perhaps not Trump inspired, but a big reason the asshole is where he is.

Fuck those guys.


with a cactus.


In response, we need a bill to enact barriers for think tanks and PACs from using monikers that include words and phrases like “democratic” or “for America” or “improvement”. They know they’re lying. We know they’re lying. Just stop it already.




Fun fact: fire ants will hang out on cacti for a meal…:thinking:


Meanwhile, these assholes again…


Stay classy, y’all.


I work with some assholes that have that site open everyday. Ugggh.