The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


And of course, if they’re going “socialist” it’s because of their real world experiences under the post-cold war neoliberal economy! They’re pissed because they’re getting screwed, of course, not because someone gave them a trophy for showing up to t-ball!

This aspect of the conservative mindset is just so blinkered and seemingly immune to facts and logic…


The thing that drives me the most bonkers about the “damn millennials and their worthless participation trophies” shtick is that the people complaining about them are the same people in the position to be handing them out. Like, millennials didn’t start kindergarten and demand participation trophies from teachers who were powerless to stop their distribution. And I can pretty much guarantee you that the meritocracy-uber-alles crowd over at Fox are the first ones to lose their shit if their kid doesn’t get treated like the king of the damn universe.


And the defense of it equally false – as if the 50’s wasn’t a complete anomaly and you could buy a debt-free college education or a starter home on a part-time job.

“Damned Millenials don’t know what hard work is.”


They said the exact same shit about us Gen Xers, too, that we were lazy and entitled and coddled… blah, blah, blah, I say.

Also, this made me laugh and laugh…

Especially Kenan…



The stink of kompromat:


Cindy McCain reported a multi-racial family for human trafficking in the Phoenix International Airport.


Ugh, the hateful-stupid; it should ‘burn’ the people afflicted with it.


Ahahahaha! When Turning Point tried to expand into the UK, they picked moon-bat Scientologist John Mappin as their point-man. (He’s previously awarded Trump a knighthood.)


She has an adopted Bangladeshi daughter! Has she ever been accused of trafficking? This woman is an affront to humanity.


I can only hope this Florida gentleman’s constituents are paying attention to his racist brayings during this hearing.


I hope they’ve been watching since last year.


Yes, Virginia you have a problem


WHSV is my local TV station, and notably not a bastion of liberal thought. I find it interesting that even they seem to have decided supporting (or ignoring) this kind of assholery is no longer a productive course of action.


It’s like watching Boromir succumb to the lure of the One Ring: Will the righteous libertarian Maxime Bernier finally acknowledge the support of all the alt-right racists that he’s been summoning with his dog-whistle? (I give him three months, tops.)

If I thought that this would pull the far-right out of the Federal Conservatives, I’d be happier.


Fox News really bringing it with this shocking exposé (screen grab from Reddit)

What a monster!


Ugly politics aside, how can they expect anyone to long-term say “People’s Party” or “the PP” as a serious grown-up name?


And with a name like “People’s Party”, I’d expect them to be Maoists or something. Damn these right-wing groups and their lying names!


Here’s some rotten meat Pete. Yeah, just rub it all over yourself. Yeah, get some of those maggots too. Ohh, and here are some Ebola infused cupcakes for dessert.



Good old shithands… “Pleased to meetcha!”