The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes






Remember Homophobe County Clerk Kim?

A gay man who was denied a marriage license in Kentucky two years ago by a county clerk (Kim Davis) who refused to issue licenses for same-sex marriages will run to unseat her next year, he said on Wednesday.




OMG, the look on his face says it all…




So in the Trump world having an attorney present during a conversation somehow allows you to invoke ACP? What a crock of shit. Generally having a third party present actually voids ACP. And ACP doesn’t apply if you’re committing a crime.


Yep, people should be careful about touching. (Would that touch have been appropriate if Daryl Metcalfe was a woman? I don’t think so.)

But unless Matt Bradford has already been told numerous times to quit it, Metcalfe’s response is WTF? and what is his problem?

The most homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, xenophobic member of our government is using legislative time, and tax payer dollars, to interrupt a meeting to announce his sexual orientation.


Yeah, I can see the problem.



:musical_note: When the truth is told and there is
The dignity to remember the dead
Because as long as they are distorting the past
It means they have the intention of doing it again :musical_note:


Steve King (no, not the good one, the politician) going full fash:


This fucking guy.

Laughing while the world burns.

Need more guillotines.

ETA I was hoping @doctorow would cover this.


The night before the attack, Christian was stressed by his mother’s direction to his brothers and him that they needed to remove all their belongings from her home. Christian protested, concerned his collection of about 15,000 comic books, stacked in his bedroom and the living room, wouldn’t be safe anywhere else.

Christian harbored "naively childlike and unrealistic’’ plans for the future, such as thoughts of immigrating to Brazil to either live among an aboriginal tribe on the Amazon, or growing hemp and marijuana on farmland.

The psychologist also interviewed Christian’s parents and two of his friends, as well as his criminal record and correction records. He spent more than eight years in custody after he was convicted of an armed robbery at age 20, much of that in solitary confinement, the report said. His time behind bars exacerbated his "pre-existing psychological vulnerabilities,’’ impairing his ability to become a functioning adult in society, the psychologist said.


Christ, what etc. etc.

I keep wondering, with all these shitheads getting more and more emboldened, when is the (inevitable?) backlash going to start?



Rob Bishop (R-Utah), via Twitter:

Patagonia Is Lying To You …

What’s with all the caps, Rob?

A corporate giant

But you like those, Rob.

hijacking our public lands debate

Because your party and its leader are hijacking the lands themselves, Rob.

to sell more products

They’re a business, that’s kinda what they’re about and purportedly what your party is about, Rob.

to wealthy elitist urban dwellers

You make over $170K a year. Move to the city and you too can fit this description, Rob.

from New York to San Francisco.”

The residents of those cities would prefer you not move there either, Rob.



Unintended consequences. They wanted kids to be indoctrinated with extreme right wing Christian nonsense on the public purse.