The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes








Democrats are their own worst enemy.

Where the f’k is Pelosi?


Same place she’s been from the start.

Ruling out impeachment, praising Bush Jr, condemning Antifa, horse-trading with the lives of immigrants, voting for huge increases in the military and security state, etc.

Pelosi is not on your side.


In the House?

She doesn’t get to vote to confirm cabinet appointments…:thinking:


They don’t have primary threats anymore - Heitcamp’s expected opponent pulled out and Manchin has a 38 point lead on the polls before he primary.







This gem of American manhood is Don Blankenship. You may remember him for his star turn as CEO of Massey Energy and his big hit “I ignored MHSA recommendations and 29 people died when the Upper Big Branch Mine exploded.” He is, by all accounts,a horrible person. Besides being (IMO) responsible for the deaths of 29 miners, he is a misogynist, influence peddler, befouler of the environment , and a climate change denier (see his Wikipedia entry for a summary).

To that list of historic achievements, he now adds two new titles - Self-Proclained Victim of Federal Overreach, and Candidate for the U.S. Senate. Yes, you read that right. The lesson that Don Blankenship has learned from the deaths of his employees, the loss of his company, and a year in prison, is that the people of West Virginia should trust him to represent them in D.C.

If there’s any silver lining in this, it’s that neither the GOP nor Donald Trump has been quick to embrace Blankenship, but if the past is prologue, they’ll come around in the end.

I’d like to propose a motion to bring back shame and a sense of common decency. There are a whole lot of people in the GOP (and Washington more generally) who need to remember what they are.


Netanyahu: I’m sure Trump will “do the right thing”

After presenting what he called evidence of Iran’s lies about its nuclear weapons program, Israel Prime Minister said he is sure President Trump “will do the right thing” over the next few days when it comes to the nuclear deal.

“I’m sure he’ll do the right thing. The right thing for the US. The right thing for Israel. And the right thing for the peace of the world,” Netanyahu said. -CNN

I smell a rat.




But college campuses are hot beds of cultural marxist! /s


In a video recorded Feb. 12 and shared with the media Monday by the governing Liberals, Ford said the 800,000-hectare swath of environmentally sensitive and agricultural land known as the Greenbelt is “just farmer fields.”


US/Saudi/Israeli attack on Iran, probably shortly before the midterms.



High oil / gas prices will erase any resemblance of a tax break this summer and into Fall. War is probably his best option to keep the deplorables blind to the fleecing.

He’s already back peddling on his tariff threats presumably until after the mid terms.


So we get back to the uncomfortable question that I’ve been bothering folks with for a while:

What are Americans going to do to stop this? What can be done to halt it before it begins? If that fails, what can be done to jam the gears of the US war machine as it occurs?

Y’all understand that much of the world will be actively and justifiably cheering for the Iranian defenders if this happens? We will not be piously mourning the losses of the invading armies.

If you want to support American troops, you need to keep them at home.


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