The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Sarah does not pull punches. Good for her.


Ripples and Residuals… Buh Bye


A good refresher on the snake called Stephen Miller:



Southwest Airlines can go fuck themselves.


Exploiting turds.

“Caputo, for one, views it as a cleaner ideological fit than ABC ever was. In slideshow presentations pitching its streaming service to various potential investors, Bond even used the Roseanne reboot as a model for the type of programming that the company could support. Caputo said that model was used explicitly to lure conservative-minded backers eager to tip the balance of political power in Hollywood.”

Barf. “conservative-minded backers” = Racist m’frs.


The “enemy of my enemy” defense, I guess?


And I thought Farrakhan couldn’t get any more off the deep end… I guess one should never underestimate the cray cray of some people.


Looking past the crazy and anti-Semitism, Farrakhan has long shown himself to be an intelligent and articulate person so it just stuns me that he would overlook the continuing harm Trump has done to black America just because “something something Jews”. I guess he hates Jews more than he loves the black people he claims to champion?


Farrakhan is both batshit and opportunistic; unfuck him.


No arguments here!


Hatred sells; that’s a fact.

Selling it to disenfranchised, often hopeless people with a legitimate gripe due to centuries of oppression and persecution is just reprehensible as fuck; not only is he not helping the Black community, he’s just as bad as Alex Jones, or Pat Robertson, or any other profiteering hatemongers.


And he’s converting his followers to Scientology.


Sarah Demon Spawn Hucklebee Sack of Sand

Lying to a child’s face. Good one Sarah.




EPA doing what it now does best:

Just change the name of the agency already.


“President Trump’s ambassador to Germany says he wants to “empower” anti-establishment movements and leaders across Europe as part of his new job.”

Isn’t that Steve Bannon’s job?


Well, good luck with charming the “Reichsbürger”, asshole. Sorry, ambassador. No, wait - asshole.



It’s a rare school board candidate who brings together issues like Nichiren Buddhism, the Ku Klux Klan, the Church of Scientology, the John Birch Society, racial purity, neo-Nazism, refugee and immigration policy, Common Core education standards and President Donald Trump.

But James “Jamie” Kelso does it.

At least he quit the Scientology a long time ago.