The Gathering of the Juggalos turns 17

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Stay weird, Juggalos!


…and this is still much more classier than what’s going down in Cleveland this week at the RNC.


“There’s no bigatory in Juggalo.”

For the record.


Somebody needs to mod a Juggalo raider faction into Fallout 4. I’m not sure I’d want to meet any in real life, but in the wasteland, I bet they’d fit right in.


I guess it depends what you mean by “bad”. . . I mean, I don’t think they’re evil, more like “bad taste.”


I don’t know a lot of ICP songs, but I like this one for its crunchy beat:


I don’t know the first thing about ICP, but these fskrs look “weird”, happy and seem to be creating genuine bonds with one another.

:heart_eyes: it.


I remember about five years ago when the Juggalettes started to turn 17.

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I was never really a fan, but had friends who were “down with the clown” as they say. But once they revealed themselves to be espousing some kind of on the down low Christian message, I knew why I always felt uneasy about them. I know a lot of Atheists who were Juggalos who are now not Juggalos after the magnets debacle and the reveal.


My daughter tried to talk me into a father/daughter motorcycle trip to the gathering this year. Not that we are juggalos or anything, she just thought it would be odd and entertaining. I just could not go for it.


I kind of liked the use of “riddle box” in the film “Solaris”

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Not for me, but it definitely moved the weirdness Overton window over quite a bit. Makes me look downright normal I guess.

Hell yes, but I’m not as much down with the “show us your tits, bitch!” feature of The Gathering.


:thumbsup: yay motorcycle trip! if you can’t find yourself doing this destination- maybe find another?

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Yeah, that sucks, for sure. One hopes they can grow up and continue to follow their muse.


We took a car trip to Texas earlier in the month. We will probably do motorcycle camping in the national forest a couple of times this summer, once the mosquitoes go away. We have sidecar bikes, which makes it twice as fun ( at half the speed ).


Now this is a spin-off from that Burning Man Mardi Gras Luau thing they have in Sturgis, SD every year, right? Or is it Branson, MO?

Somehow that video leaves me with a strong sense of sadness and desperation…

What is a juggalo?
A dead body
Well, he ain’t really dead, but he ain’t like
Anybody that you’ve ever met before
He’ll eat monopoly and shit out connect four

The website has handy explanations for these lyrics;

Violent J suggests that a Juggalo does things completely unexpectedly, and encapsulates this with a surreal analogy that seems to be thought up for the sake of the rhyme scheme, much to Shaggy’s disbelief in the link to the next verse.