The Gilmore Girls revival gets the opening credit sequence it deserves

I found Rory’s characterisation much better when I head-canoned her as having mild Asperger’s or the like. It didn’t stop her annoying poor-little-rich-girl season 5 being any less irritating, but made everything else fit more.

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I almost want to watch it all again with that in mind.

I’ve only seen the first 2 so far, but so far it seems ok and mostly in keeping with the original.

Shows that skip time tread a tightrope in a hurricane. Character progression over that span of time could render half the cast unrecognizable or unrelatable (relative to their former selves). A decade’s enough for a person to undergo rather extensive changes, especially for characters in Rory’s age group who were just getting out into the world at the end of the series. Probably better that they didn’t.

I don’t think that was intentional, but just really stilted writing.


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