The Gilmore Girls revival gets the opening credit sequence it deserves


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Good reminder: perfect holiday vacation movies for me and my daughters.


There’s a good chance you will be disappointed by the revival. I am a mad fan of Gilmore Girls, and the revival had none of the magic from the series.


Oh darn. Well, thanks: forewarned is forearmed.


There’s no punch line? I kept looking at that waiting for the punch line. Where the hell is Rob?


i enjoyed the revival. it was good to spend time with those characters again, even if some were too brief. but on topic, this really is perfect, and now that i’ve seen it i can’t imagine why they chose to do anything else.


Under the next administration America will finally be free of the PC Police, and we shall at long last have The Gilmore Boys.

You’re welcome, and merry Christmas.



Correct, Nate. The new Netflix series seemed too frenetic and many fans were thrown off by the dialogue which used to be dazzling, engaging and great fun in the original series.

Odd, indeed that it was penned by Amy Sherman-Palladino, whom everyone hoped would bring the magic back after she left the series. But unfortunately, not this time around.


I only watched the show for the random Grant Lee Phillips appearances in every episode for a couple seasons. After a while everything about the show became extremely predictable. The dialogue is basically semi-obscure literary and music references slapped together in a way that was supposed to be witty and urbane but was actually just dry. An AI could write this show.


I’ve never watched the show, but I can say Lauren Graham was one of the reasons I stuck with Parenthood until the end.

Plus, why a capital G in Gilmore, but a lower-case g in girls? I mean, it’s a title, right?


Other than the fact that the opening scene felt a little awkward, and the Stars Hollow musical a little long (but who cares in the latter case, they weren’t limited to usual episode runtimes after all!), I think the rest of the show, especially the later episodes, were excellent. The conversations between Rory and Logan, or indeed anything involving Emily Gilmore was top notch.


Yep, general consensus among me and my fandom friends is that it was really uneven, but we all loved Emily’s storyline.


I didn’t remember the two main characters as being quite so unlikably self-centered, entitled, and whiny.

[quote=“ChickieD, post:13, topic:90818, full:true”]
but we all loved Emily’s storyline.[/quote]
The Emily arc was the one thing that made the shows worth watching. That and the excellent one-liner in the Carole King cameo.


[quote=“d_r, post:14, topic:90818, full:true”]
I didn’t remember the two main characters as being quite so unlikably self-centered, entitled, and whiny.[/quote]

The Frisky posted an article a few days ago that said the same, and even went so far as to say the show was rather racist, homophobic, and fat-shaming.


Making fun of how people looked was a core component of the old show, so its obvious presence here didn’t faze me.

I’ve never heard of “The Frisky”, but the writer of that review seems to me a little short of perspective. Certainly the relationships between Emily and her hired help was always there as part of Emily’s character development, not because the show advocated classism and structural racism. In the new episodes, her maid’s family sleeping in her living room is meant to be a sign of positive evolution in Emily’s character, not another way she puts them down.


I largely liked it although yes there were some rough spots. My notes are in the spoiler section to not ruin things for anybody else.

We actually see Mr. Kim!
The Life & Death Brigade section was painfully awful and I hated basically every minute of it.
I loved the musical part even though yes it was completely self-indulgent.
As usual, Emily is awesome.
When did Luke get so dumb? Seriously.
I wish there was more character progression over the 10 years that passed but there was basically none.
The whole “The Wild” storyline dragged out for entirely too long.

I’m glad they did this and hope they do another one. It’s still Gilmore Girls, and still great because of it.


The Frisky tends to be short on perspective, but it is quick to call out casual bigotry where it sees it. Sometimes quick, sometimes a little too quick.


Well, as I’ve stated above, I’ve never seen the show, so I have no compass to go by.
I honestly thought the review might put some words to some of the things making people uncomfortable about the revival.

Taking the article at face value, I probably would have tackled the issues discussed in a more Totally Biased (W. Kamau Bell, Chris Rock) kind of way.


I thought the show lost the plot when Rory went off to college. Her whole personality changed and it was pretty awful.