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I was curious to know how someone trying to dial 911 ended up ordering a sandwich by mistake, and why she decided to stick with the sandwich place instead of dialling the right number, but unfortunately that (Tronc?) site is behind a Eurowall so I’ll never know.

Fox News will tell us even if we are despicable Euro-trash, commie liberals…

That’s presumably because they have no truck with even pretending to comply with pesky foreign laws about data.

Apparently she was trying to call his social worker. No point trying to call 911 remember, it’s the US and they can’t afford the ambulance.

Presumably she was hoping the social worker could organise something.

Instead the sandwich shop took him to the hospital.

Unsurprisingly the FOX News take is all about how wonderful it is that one veteran decided to help out another without any question as to why the veteran in need of assistance couldn’t get that other than through charity, especially bearing in mind he apparently needed to go to hospital because of complications following spinal fusion surgery (bleeding, lots of pain and his leg went numb, none of which sound like good things to me).

See? Poverty makes you a better person, and corporate America is determined to improve us all!

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Is that because all the nasty unhelpful ones die off through some kind of Karmic exchange? Genius.

Another bold, forward-thinking move by the Corporations That Love Us!

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This is what gets me about US conservatism.

Allegedly it’s all about being good neighbours and Christian charity and reverencing veterans to a staggeringly scary degree but when it comes to the idea that neighbours might actually work together to set up systems to ensure that their neighbours don’t starve or to prevent veterans from bleeding to death because they can’t afford an ambulance to the hospital, it all falls apart.

As long as someone steps in with a temporary handout everything is fine.

“Liberty, when men act in bodies, is power.”

– Edmund Burke

“…and we can’t have that.”

– Ronald Reagan

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