The hardest tongue-twister




Say it? I can’t even think it!


Try “Gig Whip” ten times really fast. Bet you don’t make it past the 3rdrepeat.


“The sixth sheikh’s sixth sheep’s sick”


Toy boat.


Toy boat toyboatoyboatoyboytoyboy…
So yeah.


Really? I don’t even find this one hard. My favorite is Unique New York.


I guess there’s an accent thing in play, since I found that one fairly easy.


I think the best tongue twisters are the ones that don’t require you to say it X times, so I approve of this scientifically-discovered twister!


OK, pab kid . . . no wait . . . pad kin . . . hold on . . . pab . . . shit. Guess not.


Weird. Just as a point of anecdata (hinting they might not be onto a universal truth here) I have no trouble repeating that quickly. Other tongue twisters like the “sheikh” one above are much harder. For me.


Unusual (for me) in that it was no trouble until the fifth repetition or so, then went haywire.


Maybe the difficulty of tongue twisters varies from person to person, but that one is not as difficult for me as the classic “she sells sea shells by the seashore”. I can barely say that phrase at any speed.


Try saying it as individual groups of two words each. It’s much easier to do if you’re not trying it as a sentence.


This one doesn’t seem hard. I just rattled it off about ten times with almost no errors. 'the sixth sick sheikh’s sixth sheep’s sick" is much harder for me than this one.


I also didn’t have any trouble with this one, but have lots of trouble with the other commenter examples.

What do we have in common? I’m from the midwest, in case there is some sort of regional thing going on.


I have to believe there exists a harder tongue-twister in Klingon.


Weird, that wasn’t that bad. I have more trouble with “red lorry, yellow lorry” :smile:


Promptly performed with proper pronunciation. Prepare by properly pronouncing the prominent P’s!


This is the toughest one I’ve seen yet. Before I saw that, the best I’d seen was a Japanese tongue twister:
Romanized, that’s:
Tōkyō kyokakyoku kyokakyokuchō, kyō kyūkyo kyūka kyoka.

(Today, the head of the Tokyo patent office was granted emergency leave.)